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  New/Bath DOLPHIN

After business hour, with only one touch and without any assistance, DOLPHIN scrubs, sweeps, vacuums and filters dirt from your swimming pool, bath and spa. powerful vacuum clean everything sink at bottom of swimming pool which include dust, hair, hair pin, rubber band, sand, small stone, leaf etc., even microscopic bacteria will be suck and keep inside the filter bag. DOLPHIN not only do the cleaning but also purify the water.

Swimming pool・BATH・All other kinds of water tank

This fully automatic robot is the most suitable cleaner not only for swimming pool but also all other kinds of water tank included bathtub, experiment tank, pond, fishpond, aquarium etc.
The reason is because that it clean not only the floor but also vertical wall of tank, and also clean the border between vertical wall and water surface. there will be no problem to clean pool with stairs and multiple kind of shape.
DOLPHIN is very easy to operate, just sink it into the water, connect the power box to the socket, switch on and that is all. Any kind of human assistance or supervision are not needed. The pool or tank cleaning operation will automatically end itself after 12 hours, of course you can switch it off anytime you wish even within 12 hours and this will cause no problem at all. The sucking power is so strong that it also clean screw bolt, nut, hair pin and small stone.
If you happen to have pool or tank and need to test how fantastic the DOLPHIN works, do not hesitate to contact us, we will bring along our robot upon your request and do the experiment right in front of you.
The latest model " DOLPHIN ACE " gives you the added option of joystick controlled cleaning. You can completely control it at your fingertips especially effective for getting at tough spots. By attaching underwater camera (option), you can view while cleaning which can help you to clean easier. By using dolphin with remote control, DOLPHIN movement will be as your wish as forward/backward, 360 degree turn, walls climbing, just by using one touch joystick. Of course you can also switch to fully automatic cleaning because this function is attached.
Both of this two type of DOLPHIN are attach with caddy for convenience of transporting and carrying.


Just switch it on, your pool/bath will be clean by DOLPHIN - the fully automatic robot. Does not matter what kind of shape will your pool/bath be !
Technical Specifications
Calculated ground speed 900m/hour
Calculated scanning rate 350m2/hour
Suction rate 16,500L/hour
 Motor Unit

Pump Drive
Power comsumption 110W 8.65W
Voltage 24VAC 24VAC
Amperage 4.6A 0.36A
Work energy 0.12Nm (J) 1.4Nm (J)
Speed 2700rpm 55rpm
Requirement :
Housing High impact A.B.S. plastic
Overload protection Electronic surveillance protection cut-off
Sealing Double radial shaft seals + rings
Power Supply
Primary voltage 100VAC 50/60Hz
Secondary voltage 31VAC
Rated output 180VA
Protection - Double - Wound insulated with thermal circuit breaker
Type Built-in/Removable
Material Brushed polyester yarn
Porosity 80 micron
Filter area 7750 cm2
 Eelectrical Cord
Wire 1.5mm2 tinned annealed copper
Insulation Polyurethane
Strain cords 2X-H.D.P.E.
Outer shield Flexible grade PVC
Length 20m for 2001, 30m for 3001
Floats High impact expanded A.B.S.
 Electronic Controller
Type Microprocessor - self programming
Work cycle 6 hours for 2001, 12 hours for 3001
Controller processing software Up to 12m length for 2001,
Up to 25m length for 3001
 Outer Casing
All metal parts are made from non-magnetic stainless steel
 Moving Parts
Acetal/Stainless steel 316 ball bearings
Dimensions 49cm(height) X 48cm(width) X 50cm(depth)
Weight 9.4kg

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