Even professional will have hard time to measure the exact measurement of gold karatage. But by using the latest 「GOLD TESTER G-XL-24PRO」 with build-in microprocessor, will only need 5 seconds to have it done. It can detect from 6 to 24 karat range golds kinetic energy and provide real time measurement. Karat and permillage value are digital indicate. It is very easy to operate, moreover compact in size. Anyone can easily, speedy and accurately do the measurement. By using 「GOLD TSTER G-XL-18」, the problem of measuring jewelry (rings, neckless, etc) with diamond attach by specific gravity method can be easily solve.

Gold karatage measurement's revolution by using a new digital device

Techinical Specification
1. Main body of gold testers (picture−left)
Size 18.4(L)x8.6(W)×2.8(H) cn
Weight 165 gram
Power supply Alkaline battery (9v) 006Ptype × 2
or, packed DC  (AC100V)
2. Sensor (picture−right)
Size 2.2(diameter)x15.9(L) cm
Weight 32 gram
3. Accessories Plate and gel for measurement, connecting cord, cleaning pen and pin.
4. Total weight 1,250 gram (including carrying case)
5. Note
There are no different in weight between 24 karatage and 18 karatage measurer.
Gel for measurement between 24 karatage and 18 karatage measurer are different. kindly note before use.
We do not guaranty the reading measure by both measurer.
Please send your enquiry for price list by e-mail to us.

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